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How to use the Unmerge Feature

Temporary Unmerge Report

  1. The unmerge report feature is accessible on the right side of the credit file screen as seen in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Unmerge Feature on Credit File Screen


  2. To unmerge a report temporarily, select a borrower and/or bureau and click the "View" button. The system will generate an unmerged version of the credit report.
  3. When a borrower is unmerged, the system will apply the unmerge fee as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2: Unmerge Fee in Charges section of Credit File screen


Permanent Unmerge Report

  1. If the Permanent Unmerge feature is enabled, a "Create Reissue #" button will be available upon viewing the unmerge credit report as shown in Figure 3.

    (Note: Follow steps 1-2 in "Temporary Unmerge Report" section to view the unmerged report.)


    Figure 3: Button to create Permanent Unmerge Report


  2. Clicking the "Create Reissue #" button will generate a new credit file with the unmerged information.
  3. Click the "Open New File" button in Figure 4 to view the new unmerged credit file.

    Figure 4: New credit file created for permanent unmerged report


  4. The charge for the permanent unmerged report will be shown as UNMERGED REPORT on the new credit file.

     (Caution: If the unmerged report is upgraded, the system will charge for the full report price of the upgraded report.)

    Figure 5: Permanent unmerge fee on Charges section of Credit File screen

Swapping Applicants

For joint files that have not been swapped before you can switch the positions of the borrowers. This feature must be enabled for your system. Contact your CRA if you don't have this option. Make sure both borrowers and all bureaus are selected and then hit the View button in the Web format. On the report you'll see a button to swap the applicants.

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